Selena Gomez Hairstyles

You know what French Fishtails, and the strings have in common? They are a twisted kind of style! Braided hair becomes a style, once every ten years or so, and this year has been a great success. And just in time for summer! Read on for an overview of the French braid, fishtail plaits and braids rope!

French braids are smarter and wider than regular three-strand twisted as they begin with three, but add more lines on the sides. A popular variety of this style is the French braid band-like. It helps keep the facial hair, but also looks bright. It can also be sprinkled with Greek or bohemian dyes, especially with long floral dresses, which are in fashion this summer. You can often spot Jennifer Aniston, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie, Rachel Bilson and sporty, this within and outside the red carpet.

Fishtail Braids are wider and flatter than French braids. They really look like fish tails! And it only requires two lines large to be separated into multiple threads. Fortunately, you can do this by yourself like that, because it's going to create the look you always have two lines in each hand at any given time. This style of braiding is popular as a side braid, however, medium and long hair is highly recommended. A lot of celebrities have sported this look recently, Rihanna, Fergie, and Kim Kardashian. If this means a ponytail, braid or two, the look is very sexy.

Rope braids are a little harder to do on your own, requiring you turn in an unusual way, but worth it because it is a very elegant look. Celebrities such as the use of this style, side, or a ponytail. Selena Gomez and Lauren Conrad wore this in recent months.

In general, all types and styles of braiding have taken this season because they are so elegant and easy to create. But the biggest surprise of combing the season has been feathers! Nobody would have thought that feathers would go well with your hair, I did not see Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, but not completely! If bohemian-chic and punk rock, the feathers have been "that" something this season.

After seeing Steven Tyler during the sporting aspect of American Idol 2011 season, never would have thought would become a trend, but surprisingly he did. Today, the extensions of the plumes can be seen almost everywhere you go!

Since these extensions are handmade heat resistant and water that are so easy to care for hair. There are flat, the multicolored, long and short. The styles include having a boom extension to be all that are outstanding! But the most popular style is to have about three feathers placed near the side of the ears. Extensions feathers are so trendy that hairdressers have had to stock up on fishing lines and feathers to keep up with booming demand!